Wrong Boy’s Club is a Free NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. 567 wrongies to catch !
This bunch of wrong boys (but classy) is ready to hit the blockchain and show what they are capable of.
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Come to the club #Wrongies !

Were you lucky enough to have such a close-knit group of friends and feel that nothing could stop you? The feeling that nothing was impossible with them?
Wrong Boy’s Club seeks to recreate that feeling of being part of something bigger.
The community will be centered around mutual aid, education and will benefit from advantages in the club.
Each holder will be part of the club and will be able to take advantage of WL, airdrop, event, partnership etc…
We also want to put the community at the center of decisions by offering regular polls.
All good ideas will be considered.

WBCs are randomly generated with 10 different types of traits to provide good diversity and fun results.

Each asset was hand-drawn on computer in a vintage cartoon style.
By the way they look, you don’t want to mess with them ! Those #Wrongies won’t let go.

Pictures and metadata are uploaded on an IPFS network.

NFTs are minted upon purchase by holders.